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  1. Little something from the original Americans

    Cool ! Good eye to find them little ones...
  2. Took a walk on some old ground.

    Nice point for sure- What is the stone? A weight? Scraper at bottom of first pic ?
  3. Quartz point

    Cool little quartz point for sure. What exactly is a shell hammer? Is it petrified somehow.... shells break down over time in nature, yeah?
  4. 10 minute walk…

    Beauty !!!!!
  5. Eastern Oregon pestle? and a bonus half point!

    Agreed a quick search of "effigy pestle" and I think you'll see similar- crazy find right there! Point base is a heartbreaker- looks like agate to me....maybe
  6. Couple more Artifacts

    Wow man- finds of a lifetime right there !!
  7. Never found an arrowhead like this one!

    Thats a really cool point. maybe this will help ID?
  8. Road trippin!

    Gotta love Arizona. Great stuff !
  9. Recent SC finds

    Cool stuff ! man they must've been real desperate for material to use quartz. What's the large piece under the celt?
  10. Is this a native American artifact?

    Similar design to some incense holders in the google search. Curled tail like that... A fancy boat coat hook? Maybe it was mounted on a bong or something... I dunno. :santasmile:
  11. Dec 18 2021 The hunt for the elusive hardstone

    Awesome post- thanks for putting it up. Great finds all, but that axe is way cool !! Congrats!
  12. Is this a native American artifact?

    Weird. with the flaking paint, maybe some sort of boat decorative thing?
  13. Stone tool with fossils/quartz?

    I think the white round one with the red "stitching" pattern may, in fact, be man made. ;)
  14. An odd one

    Those are crazy! Wow.