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  1. Help with dowsing

    Thank you very much for your help
  2. Help with dowsing

    Excellent. Thank you very much
  3. Help with dowsing

    Thank you very much
  4. Help with dowsing

    Thank you very much! about the other picture, do you see something ? Regards!
  5. Help with dowsing

    I am going to try it. Thank you very much!
  6. Help with dowsing

    Thank you very much, what means big blur? in which of the two photos do you detect it?
  7. Help with dowsing

    Hello, One friend ask me a favor to post two pictures of him in order to ask help for dowsing; about the picture number 1, he is looking for tunnel and if there is something in it and in the second picture he is looking for gold or silver. I appreciate your help in advance; thank you very much!
  8. UAS Magnetometer Surveys

    Thank you for your response. About the Geonics EM61-MK2; let me do the next scenario; let say the area has a lot of nails and bottle caps, also a few cans; this equiment can ignore them or they would affect the performance of this equiment.
  9. UAS Magnetometer Surveys

    Hello, what is your thougths about the OKM Fusion? do you have it?
  10. UAS Magnetometer Surveys

    Abouth the 2-box detector agree to probably be good one; 99thpercentile, what is your opinion like expert ?
  11. UAS Magnetometer Surveys

    Thank you very much, if we are talking about 30 cm X 30 cm X 30cm; would it be enoguth to affect gravity ? and it is in inside of a wood box ? could it be detected ? or only metal detectros ?
  12. UAS Magnetometer Surveys

    So, what kind of geophysical technique would be usefull to try to locate a threasure ( gold coins, silver coins )?
  13. UAS Magnetometer Surveys

    Hello 99th Pecentile, I have a doubt about the magnetometer, i know it can detect the magnetism and the gold is a diamagnetic element, so would the gold generate an opposite valué and then be detected in the graph ? Or it is not possible ? Thank you very much
  14. Help with dowsing

    Yes, I heared stories about people killed a persons to protect the treasure; it is a clasic story over here at Mexico. I apprecite very much your time for it.
  15. Help with dowsing

    Hello, I hope do not see anything paranormal; by the way one person told me that a few times she saw like a shadow of a person close the area, but until now, I did not see it. Thank you very much for your help.