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  • Hey ck, glad you liked the pics, the 'rock people' are Inukshuks :) ..Eskimos would build them as markers in the Arctic.I'll try to post in my album the larger pic of my avatar for a better view. Take Care.
    Hi kat! Happy New Year 2014 to you too! Wishing you all the best and can't wait to see how many more awesome artifacts you find!
    Hi kat! No I haven't posted's different than yours and not sure of the material it's of either. Wonder if there is Mayan influence in your area.
    Hi back at ya! I've been doing searches on your little faces and see similar stuff but nothing like them...anyway I'm sure there's a story there and dying to know it. I have a small round piece with a face but not smooth like yours and it's similar. Mine might be a game piece or pendant. Yours looks like a set to me. But for now I'm off here and getting ready for work...hope you have an awesome day! ttyl
    I always look down where ever I'm walking. One never knows what you might find. I found a fossil in my driveway just walking to the mailbox. & thanks, I think she's cute too. She was a stray that ended up adopting me.
    Hey CK, I've heard NM is a great place for rock hunting. Although with dangerous rocks laying around, maybe not that great. There is a great series of books "Laymans Guide To Roadside Geology" Each one is a different state. I have used mine when going on trips & they have been quite helpful. If you have a collection started, share the pix with us. I always love seeing others finds.
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