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  • Hi Curtis, I ain't been doing too much of anything so far. My kid goes up to the University of Akron and just a few days ago he took up a chunk of rock to have a geologist look at.I live real close to an old Indian silver/lead mine and found it close to the house a number of years ago. When my son gets it looked at I'll give you a shout....
    Curtis, lastleg has recommend you to me. But i was wondering where I can borrow or rent a long range metal detector from someone in the North Louisiana, South Arkansas, East Texas, or West Mississippi.
    Hello curtis, hope were still friends.if we can meet soon i can add you as a partner in a treasure venture.this way you can receive a percentage for your help.but please contact me on
    Hello curtis, I'm not sure what treasure your talking about, the peralta or estrella? I have already located all the mines.i have already located the treasure sites, they are all marked the same as my documents. I had a friend who also said the same many years ago and tried it. It was in the area where all the mines are not trying to be mean it's just that im done searching.
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Anderson Detector Shafts

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