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  • Hey Dan, when you sell FNPS silver over copper what grade you get for the copper? I have a bunch of serving trays and teapots and was wondering.

    It was suggested to me by diggumup that you would be the member to contact for a Japanese translation. If you would check out my post in the 'Garage Sale Finds' category and see if you could help me with deciphering the Kanji script on the Japanese Silver Bowl I found, I would greatly appreciate it.

    thanks Dan. Yeah I took a chance last month and bought six containers and jewelry boxes at an estate auction and lucked out on it. Tripled my money on sterling and gold I found, saved the gold filled and resold all the crap and costume at another auction. i'll keep you in mind when i'm ready to get rid of it.
    Bill, Actually I do. I even guy it too. Here is an ad I placed last October.
    Find's Treasure Forums :: General Merchandise Classified Forum
    You are doing pretty good if you got a pound in 6 mo. If you don't want to sell you need to remove everything that is not GF before a refinery will accept it. My refinery has a 500 gram min. on GF. Dan
    Hi Dan,

    Do you mess with gold filed jewelry? I've been collecting it for a while and was wondering if its worth the bother. I've got close to a pound of the stuff that I've picked up over the last 6 months or so.
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