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  • hello Anita
    nope that was not me,unless I detected a long beach from California to Hampton beach .......
    I do get used to this though because I have a Identical twin brother but he was camping in Coloma Ca. this week, who knows maybe I have a triplet I don't know about :laughing7: thanks for the PM
    HH Dale
    Weird question, Dale...were you visiting New Hampshire on Sunday? If not, know that you have a doppelganger right down to the Excal that he was using on Hampton Beach! If it was you, hello. I was the woman with the Coinmaster (over her shoulder = not detecting) with the very tall Excal user in the tan vest.

    dale theirs a small chance i have your rod.I dive the american alot.last week returned a ladies wallet and a guys tackle box.Ive got to nice rods that I found 4 or 6 years ago
    Dale, you look just like my brother Bob...exactly.

    He lives in Florida.


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