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  • proof......my uncle pulled the anchor up years ago....it sits in front of charlies fish house in Crystal river fl...i know where it sits the anchor was hooked to 300ft. of drive pin chain...call me and i will tell u my story....i promise you wont be sorry....my name is Ronald smith...352-249-7856
    Darren this Raul from California. Please let me onus where I can send you the money for the Pi detector. That's if you are still in the country. You told me you were moving to a different country. My email is still raulvarhndz@gmail.com let me know if its Two hundred including shipping if not let me Porterville Ca 93257.
    Hello Darren, Still making the DELTA PULSE? Full assembled? I am interested for one, please email me yanisk@aol.com
    Darren in NC,
    Hello boss, I was wondering, where in NC do you live. I live in Morehead city and noticed that we seem to have very similar intrest. Let me know.
    P.S. If you do live around here, I have a spot in Pine Knoll Shores where I have been digging a good amount of WWII 50 cal and .30-06 shells. We can meet up and do some dectecting and swap storys.
    DArren Yes I would like to Buy it and really appreciate the 100 dollars off I will wire you teh money. so give me instructions and I'll figure out how to have it mailed here.
    Hi Darren, I have found the treasure of Olivier Le Vasseur in Seychelles after 7 years of research. Do you know anyone who knows about Le Vasseur that can assist me in convincing the Seychelles Government that I have indeed found the treasure, including the entrance and because it is in a National Park, they are being difficult and I cannot convince them to extend my contract, even for 1 week. Thanks
    Hi Darren

    I have sent a reply but it is not showing in my sent box so please let me know if you dont get it

    one more thing, since you're Alot closer to the location than I am, you gotta figure back then it probably took a train what 2 miles to stop? and in the story he said it was 15 miles between Mcleansville and Burlington, assuming they stopped 5 times and he had Strict orders to bury the iron pots "not over one hundred paces " from the right-of-way. In cases there are houses nearby proceed further. " Hope this helps, guess you'll have to start looking at old maps of the area, see I'm still a new treasure hunter and you probably will have more experience in what to look for.
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