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  1. Season 9

    Season Ten will end with the opening of the vault...filled with hundreds of millions socks having disappeared from dryers over the decades...
  2. Picher, OK

    A Federal Superfund site. A lot of the area is restricted/off limits, due to high lead/zinc contamination.
  3. club or group around s.e.kansas

    S.E.K. Metal Detecting and Magnet Fishing has a Facebook Page. Brian Stewart is an administrator, and Kelly Noeller have both posted many times on searches around the area.
  4. Season 9

    I never quite wrapped my head around the "We'll dig in the same spot a previous searcher DIDN'T find anything..." What is that saying about doing the same thing, and expecting different results?
  5. Oak Island the Strange, the Bizarre, and Maybe the "Truth!

    So much is wrong with your post. For one thing, there IS no "spot" on earth that corresponds to the position of any star regardless of the date, since the earth rotates, and the stars appear to move from east to west, constantly, just as the sun does. The only way that would be possible would...
  6. Oak Island Factual (proven/documented) Information

    Since there is just as much "evidence" of there being a "massive treasure" on Oak Island as there is there being one in my back yard, perhaps I can arrange with the Laginas to start a 10-season contract (paid in advance, of course) about the "Curse of Dave's Back Yard" after Oak Island is milked...
  7. Oak Island the Strange, the Bizarre, and Maybe the "Truth!

    There are those that cling to the very LACK of any credible evidence is, in fact, "proof" of a coverup, or conspiracy. "If we can't prove it, it must have been intentionally hidden. Only we enlightened ones can uncover it"
  8. Season 9

    I fail to see ANY logic in being so intent on finding "previous searchers'" holes...they came up dry, so obviously NOT "the spot" why re-dig them? Oh yeah, the old "they stooped too soon" theory?
  9. Oak Island Factual (proven/documented) Information

    Just to straighten out one particular bit of conjecture that makes me cringe every time I hear/read it: The lead cross Drayton found a couple years ago is repeatedly referred to as being "incredibly old", or "from the 14th Century". RUBBISH. All that was FACTUALLY determined was that it likely...
  10. Oak Island Factual (proven/documented) Information

    Franklin is beginning to sound like Adam Schiff..."I will show you all conclusive a later time."
  11. Suggesting a Location Other than the Money Pit

    My own opinion on that is that there are TONS more (pun intended) credible evidence of a treasure at Victorio peak than a treasure at Oak Island. At least with Victorio Peak, we have photographs, official US Government documents, and MULTIPLE eyewitness descriptions of actually seeing a...
  12. Suggesting a Location Other than the Money Pit

    ...but it DOES throw even MORE suspicion that the information is false. Given Wilkins' reputation, accepting any of his writings as "evidence" would be like accepting investment advice from Bernie Madoff...
  13. Season 9

    I don't think it was on this past week (2/22); they had that mini-series on Lincoln Mon/Tues/Wed.
  14. Season 9

    I like the show, because it is so entertaining watching so many without a clue fumbling and bumbling about. The only thing I can think of offhand as interesting (or productive) involves giving a monkey a football.
  15. WARNING WARNING WARNING !! Please read

    My wife gets those calls at least 20 times a day, sometimes another comes in as soon as she hangs up, from a different number and a different voice. This has been going on for over two years now. You can't block the number, because the call comes from a different number every time - even MY OWN...