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  • I live a few miles from the Gauley River and Meadow River in Fayette County, I am wanting to get started in panning. If you don't care to help me with a direction I sure would appreciate it. Thanks
    Would you send me an email and tell me the meaning of the cloverleaf patch. I know it's Army, my dad wore one just like it but I can't remember more than that. Help, if you will? Neveda Ed
    I do hope that you will from time to time check in and join the "Critter's", as I know, and suspect that other's also know you will be a well accepted member, and if you check back, you will see support from other member's. Try it, you'll like it!......Gary
    Not a problem, and welcome, you will prove to be a asset, and might even hear some good music, and learn some new recipes. As always look forward to "posting" with you. Enjoy the weekend.....Gary
    Deep, I noticed the same thing. Maybe just everyone is finally starting to open their minds and listen. Hey, maybe soon we'll be just one big happy family..LOL

    Best of the 4th to you and yours.......Stay on top, and keep working.....Gary
    Well you accomplished much more today than I did, I just worked, this time of year it's 7 days a week. You are definatly in better shape than I am, and I'm 2 years younger!!!!! See ya later.
    Hey, my exact thought when I made my post.
    As always, get to hear from you, and have a great end of the weekend. Gary

    Thanks once again, you've been my personal,...Computer for dummies, hopefully will master soon, Gary
    Thanks for the heads up' will go back and check them out. Have some I will send you when this old dinosaur figures out how to post pictures! All my best.... Gary
    I have a new and stronger draw to your post's and input, we may be the same age and generation, but you draw much more admiration than those of us who have experienced less. Keep up the fight, and strengthen those of us around you. Gary
    I'm certainly glad to have made your acquaintance.
    It's nice to know their are other people who share your own views.
    :laughing7: Yes , the humor can be tough at times . It's good to know alot of people still hold our values & rights sacred .:thumbsup:
    Hey DeepseekerADS , just got your message . It would be an honor to add you to my friends list . Thank you sir .

    Conservative, Christian, Veteran - but a sensible thinker. Not radical, but skeptical. Pro Constitution and Bill of Rights - these were given us for a reason.
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