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  • I remember those hours...they wipe me out just thinking about it! I will be available most any time starting around 2 today. Karen's going to a baby shower and I get to dog sit till she gets back. Call when you can.
    OK Mike...Karen informed me I may need to dog sit Sat PM, any other times/dates are flexible on this end.
    Hey Mike,
    Things have slowed to a manageable level on my end so if the offer is still open, the next time you want to go prospecting I'd love to tag along. BTW, my new phone # is 707-218-4488.
    Talk at you later,
    Great, same here. My 97 F150 4x4 3 door is pretty much bullet proof, has a locking camper shell and an 8 foot bed. What's your ride? I was considering sleeping in the back, but I think I the equipment could take up most of the room...would want to take my sluice for a dome tent may be in order...just typing out-loud. Anyways, I think it would be great time, not to mention the a day or two of little chunks instead of little flakes 8-)
    PS, my better half has been appraised...she said ok but I had to endure a rather lengthy one sided conversation on the evils of excessive consumption of beer, guys and prospecting. Jeff
    Hey Mike. Have you been following the CA TN weekend thread? Would you want to go with me? Looks like 7-8 hours one way. Let me know. I would not go before April.
    Hi Chuck, no, I've never tried detecting in the CC area. If I went I think I'd try early in the morning. You might want to try around the land side end of the main jetty / beach area as well. There was a lot of historical activity down there.

    Hi. Im just down the road from you towards CC. Do you know what the rules are regarding detecting around beach front park?
    hey mike, went to the river today for the first time with my sluice, I believe i set it up correctly but after around 4 hours of digging and gold. i have a video on it in action on the "forums" here under "gold prospecting" if your interested in seeing it and maybe you could give me some pointers or if you see something wrong, thanks for the help and talk to you soon, Matt
    Yes, the river is really running high. I just got home from work, finished dinner and now off to bed. My days off are Tuesday and Wednesday. We should go to 4 - 10s soon. I'll then have another day off. I'll let you know. We'll get together.
    hello mike, thank you very much for responding quickly, yeah i know it wasnt the smartnest thing going prospecting yesturday because of the rivers being so high but man was i anxious to get out there lol. just let me know when you have days off or some free time and we can do a little prospecting. I work alot of hours and am on call 3 days a week too so getting together could possibly prove a little challenging but i do have thursdays and fridays off and get off early on saturdays and sundays at 4pm, thanks matt
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