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  1. 6DDDDDD Today

    Happy Birthday! 60 has been in my rear view mirror for quite awhile If anybody tells you 60 is the new 40, tell em to stuff it
  2. Drug smugglers 1715 shipwreck

    Looks like it's time to put away the metal detector and break out the binoculars next summer :piratehand:
  3. Drug smugglers 1715 shipwreck

    Just curious, how do these night time pirates find valuable items. Legal operations can go out in the light of the day with blowers and metal detectors, work all day and go for a month without finding anything of value. I know the obvious is they know where to look, but how do they know where to...

    Nice BC
  5. Spanish Treasure Hunters

    It will be interesting to see where those cultural treasures eventually end up
  6. Is Gary Drayton right? Is there 1715 treasure in the Indian River?

    Just tell the marine patrol you lost your rolex when you were fishing. I've thought about snorkeling in the river roughly behind the museum. If asked tell them a lot of fishermen lose rings and watches Q: I'm a diver who is...
  7. 5 Manila Galleons are known to have sunk off the west coast of the USA

    Interesting article on the San Pedro, Glomar Explorer and galleons, the stuff of a Clive Cussler novel The Catalina Islander May 6, 2011:  Page 12
  8. 1715 vs 1733

    How much treasure was salvaged from the 1733 fleet vs the 1715 fleet. I read Meylachs "Diving to a flash of gold" and there just doesn't seem that much recovered from 1733 fleet.
  9. Has Anyone Taken the Dive Trip To The Atocha With Mel Fisher's Company?

    This might interest you. They are on a Covid hold right now, you might check for october dates Not cheap but a lot less than the Fisher option. If they're not operating, I'm sure they can refer you to operators that can take you out to 1733 wrecks There are videos on...
  10. Tickets

    Has anyone received a ticket for parking on the side of the road when beach access was closed
  11. Christmas Tree

    Thanks for the info Blak bart
  12. Christmas Tree

    Does anyone remember where the old "Christmas Tree" marker was in relation to Douglas and Brooks park
  13. Mailbox equipped salvage boat needed immediately for legal work on the 1715 fleet

    That sucks, good luck on your search
  14. Mailbox equipped salvage boat needed immediately for legal work on the 1715 fleet

    Just curious, how did you get a subcontractor lease without a working boat. My boat isn't working, that's why I'm asking
  15. The silver pie trimmer all cleaned up. Pics

    That cleaned up real nice, great artifact