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  1. 🥇 BANNER 1914D!! Wheat at Grandmas's after Silver hunt😁

    wow, what a find! I have only ever found one and it was in a bag of like 1000 wheats I bought. I was pretty extatic! to find one in the ground where you have looked so many times. everyone is right. Banner!
  2. Little silvers + nice ring + motorcycle pendant = great day of detecting

    nice finds, those are nice looking dimes!
  3. First hunt for me

    keep digging, congrats on the finds
  4. Live ammo in a schoolyard - notify the police or not?

    holy crap all, in the world we live in right now, I am so refreshed to hear somebody, nah, everyone here, using common sense. These were obviously brought by a child to show off. Taking any measures on a round that has clearly been there a while would be an overreaction. I am so happy I...
  5. Watch and Knife ....from the yard.

    it's always fu NY when that happens, I still get surprised in my own yard. cool watch!
  6. Yard finds

    very cool!
  7. old pin, anyone seen one of these

    solved, thank you creakydigger, it's a bit different than others, but you are definitely correct
  8. old pin, anyone seen one of these

    Good evening, it's been a while since I've been able to go detecting. had an extra hour today and a buddy of mine is putting a basement in so there are giant piles of dirt from the excavation. I thought it might be a great place to try out. Well, I sure didn't find much, but I did find a...
  9. Jewelry and WW2 ordinance from the beach

    that tails you lose token is amazing, I'd love to find one of those!
  10. Seated Quarter on Edge of Cliff! And a Really Neat Relic!

    great job mister, war nickle is on my bucket list. you found way better than that though, congrats
  11. As promised - Here is the revolver after 14 days of cooking

    wow, what difference, I am not familiar with hot boxing, can someone share a link for how it works
  12. new take on an old site

    I dialed my at pro up to max and went back over a site I've searched before. I am pretty new at this so was pretty excited when I found more goodies. Only the one wheatie, 1951 d, but it was the first thing I found, so it kept me energized for the rest of the hunt. 87 cents in clad and a...
  13. A man on a mission

    Your coin is just waiting for YOU!
  14. Old license tag

    I love finding those tags, it always makes me feel good. Makes me want to go home and snuggle my pooch