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  1. Hiking boots recommendations?

    Danner boots I have are USMC RAT 8" Mojave Hot (lot#0124777) 300.00usd
  2. Just Watched Calabash's Rant on American Metal Detector Companies

    Like it or not Calabash is dead on.
  3. Hiking boots recommendations?

    Spend the money and buy Danner boots. Your feet are the most important thing there is when out and about. Without them you're going nowhere. Get a few miles out and have trouble with your feet and see what happens. You will be saying i should of spent the money.
  4. Salvation of the World Medallion

    It looks Catholicy to me
  5. CTX 3030 11" Coil Broken Ears

    Hell with a repair send that coil back to minelab for a new coil. CTX is to expensive for all that BS It's a coil defect send it back
  6. Best detector under 550.00

    Minelab Equinox 600
  7. What Have You Ever Found WITHOUT the Detector, While Metal Detecting?

    Back in the day I was crossing A1A & Broadway. I looked down and there was a 100 dollar bill I picked it up
  8. Poor neglected detectors languishing unused in closets

    I hope everyone put their detector in the closet More treasure for me
  9. Detector with no discrimination?

    Fisher Gold bug No Discrimination
  10. Beach hunting Florida

    Been detecting Florida for over 30 years and never had a permit?
  11. Gaming Stones

    My first thought was a Bennington clay marble from Germany I found one in a hole with a IH penny.
  12. Chinese coin today, help please.

    Found one just like it here in Florida
  13. Found on beach in 1970s. Painted black in 1980s. 5" across. 10.6 lbs. Solid

    Your first step needs to be identifying what type of metal it is?