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    StavR makes a good scoop. Ive used um for years. NEVER had an issue. Runs about $140ish then i just add a fiberglass shovel handle for about $15 which already has a dowel and is made for work. 1/2" hole so i dont know what hole size you need in your area. It can vary and is why some have...
  2. MASSIVE 6 OZ GOLD CHAIN***$$$6,000+

    A lot of jewelry is stamped inside. With that amount of melt value or resale....... man id have a jewelry guy look at it. But then .... id die with it in my treasure box lol
  3. Excal-2 on mineralized wet sand beach

    Lot depends on setting for black sand.... and yes EMI. Those Xcals are hard to beat in the wet sand and water. The Nox doesnt like coil tilt either or the splash. As far as the CTX it tends to loose depth in certain areas but runs smooth and you dont notice it. IN the water...... all things...
  4. What caused this?

    I’d check to ensure the coil cable connector is clean and tight. They will shut off if not tight.
  5. Easy to see coil

    It’s not really paint Joe its blaze yellow rubber I think made by liquid tape. I have it on mine. But to be honest you may have to do what fishermen do …. Find the right color… white works well and sometimes red.
  6. $30,000 Chain Lost Underwater!!

    Did they say he was diving…. In a Fl lake??? Why do I doubt that? Ya I agree the diver seemed more concerned with his channel.
  7. Gold From My Last Three Detecting Trips

    You cleaned up…
  8. Ring #9 is 18k

    18K is a kick butt start and having others miss it makes it even sweater. Congrats....
  9. Old coin or junk?

    Pot metal white.... silver normally turns black.
  10. salt water advise

    For beach hunting very few will NOT recommend the Nox. Why .... because you can get a 600 CHEAP with a 3 year warranty. Buy say an Xcal..... 1 year warranty and most end up modifying it to the price tag of about $2000. Your choices are limited IMO.... CZ, Nox, MDT, CTX or Xcal. Check the...
  11. A Test Garden Idea For Beach Hunters

    I have a 2” pvc pipe 20” long ... one end with a rubber cap. I use a 1 1/4” cap that drops down it like a piston. On the side inside I epoxied the end of a wal-mart plastic cloth measuring tape. Dig a hole bury the tube. I can test targets up to I’d say a half dollar.
  12. Anyone want these coils?

    You maybe able to tell by the connector used. It could be worth you time to sort them out...... if these were for the TDIs.
  13. lower back pain

    Dont over look medical symptoms either..... pancreatic and prostrate issues. Have your PSA checked.
  14. Just got in the Bradenton Sarasota area

    It appears Marc is in the St Pete area.... little North. Siesta didnt need renourished.... its got all the sand you ever need. But right now looks like an umbrella and a beer could be a better way to go. Siesta just doesnt have the toughs to produce a lot. Ive bee hunting these areas a...
  15. Florida Beach Renourishment

    There is a difference between the gulf stream..... and long shore drift. Long shore drift changes with the seasons. The Gulf has had a lot of reneourishment the past few years. Man it kills the hunting. Then we had the Red Tide..... followed by this virus.... ugh. They reneourished here in...