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  1. Merc and an Indian!!

  2. Roman Silver OTWBTTC

    Awesome!!! Congrats!!!
  3. Arrowhead that wasn't!

    Keep looking for the shapes. An arrowhead will turn up someday for you.😁
  4. Halfpenny type coin?

    Nice!!!! Congrats!!!!
  5. Button found today… and lead, always lead!!

    Very Cool button!!! Congrats!!!
  6. Almost!

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  7. US Plate, BIG Seated Silver, Gemstone

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  8. Merc and an Indian!!

    Thank You!!
  9. Merc and an Indian!!

    Got off for a hunt after Church with Jimmy. Went to the lake first for a couple hours. Got 5 Quarters, 2dimes and a bunch of Pennie’s at the lake. The Deus2 performed pretty good in the water. We left and headed to an older nearby town and got a permission and off We Went. Jimmy hit a little...
  10. 💥🔥Hammered coin around 1730💥🔥

    Very Nice!!! Congrats!!!
  11. 19th C. Stoneware: Hand-Thrown Chicken Waterer

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  12. New dirt fisher here

    Welcome to Tnet!!!
  13. Today’s hunt results…

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