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  1. Big Boys Hobbies has best prices guaranteed! ;)

    i also ordered from Bart on sun. its due here thur. thats fast and its also the lowest price on a pro pointer i found any place and i search everywhere for the lowest price before i buy. THANKS BARTS
  2. Looking for treasure hunters in South Florida!

    im only 46 i go to the gym 5 days a week in my first 2 weeks hunting i found a diamond ring and now im hooked, its the beep beep in your ear, scoop and wonder what do you have this time its treasure hunting and its fun the thrill of the chase, who says you have to be old or type cast i love to...
  3. D

    going to purchase the pro pointer today by garrett from you you sent me an invoice i also want...

    going to purchase the pro pointer today by garrett from you you sent me an invoice i also want to know if you have the 8.5/11 DD coil cover for the at pro if yes send me another invoice to my email for both thanks
  4. Anyone used this scoop before? Is it any good?

    i also use this scoop love when the detector beeps 1 scoop and the prize is mine its light weight 3/8 aircraft grade aluminum and tough.
  5. howie scoop

    Dont know what kind of scoop everyone is using, but i just got a howie scoop sold on ebay, and had my best 2 days at the beach since since i started this hobbie 6 months ago. my back isnt sore from bending its awsome in dry ,or wet sand its a monster and it doesnt care about the conditions, so...
  6. Lots of detector deals!

    how much are the garrett pro pointers?
  7. Sand Volleyball Courts

    i find more at them and the swings in parks than at the beach but once you hit them they take a while to replenish.
  8. MOB OF 30-50 Attack Young Man-Why No Outrage ?

    i live in miami also and when i was at a red light the crackhead wanted money i told him know i dont give money away, he started coming at me swearing till i laid my 45 on the dash the his exact words were OH ITS COOL MY BROTHER and he walked least he wasnt completely stupid, but what...
  9. how many others conceal & carry when u detect

    45 sig, 38 s&w, just like american express dont leave home without 1. besides im in miami people eat people here! i dont plan to be some wackjobs dinner!
  10. Awesome Howie Scoop for Sale

    that scoop looks like a monster how do i order one ?