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  • Good morning digger27, may I inquire as to where you found such wonderful items? I am NOT wanting to jump your claim!! I just need some advice on where to look. Did you find most of your goodies at the beach or in parks? If in parks then what type? Ball fields, tot lots, etc... Where do you have most of your luck? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
    I have no doubt that trying out that sniper coil will find you a little more.
    Most that mount this thing are shocked at the things they find at sites they have hunted over and over with larger coils including their own front and backyards.
    Masking is a bigger problem than most believe, and just the precise nature of this type of coil will give you a few more targets to dig, I am sure.

    I have a big DD on another detector so I don't think I would need to spend the money on that DD coil for this one.
    I did invest in a 10" coil for those times when I need a little extra depth over the 8", although I rarely use it because that sniper is mounted most of the time.
    Half the price of that DD, deeper than the 8" and a good choice, value wise, if you want to see what might be a little deeper after cleaning that site up a little more with the sniper.

    My 8" is all but retired now, I can't see any reason to use it when I have the 10" and that sniper.
    hey digger question i love my f2 use a 8 inch coil i have this spot i have found over 40 colonial buttons and just a few coins whats your take should i sweep it again with the 8 in coil or knock down to sniper coil or invest in a 11 inch dd coil and try that . you sound like the f2 person to ask i have been thinking about up grade but darn i find alot with this f2
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