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  1. Dirty Deeds! Worst Trick You Played on Detecting Partner

    Wow! I guess uhf.... was never in the trades. How my 42 years in the trades would have changed if I hadn't busted a gut on my first rookie day, when I found my brand new tool belt had been nailed to the floor. Wow!
  2. Farm finds

    First item might be a cap for a vintage fishing reel/gun oil can.
  3. Any ideas

    I don't see reverse, but for some reason I see "WAKe n U" , and then could it be a P?. :icon_scratch:
  4. ✅ SOLVED Twisted Iron in long, thin sections

    I'll take a guess at inserts for boiler tubes.
  5. Quest Q30+ availability

    As of 5:30 a.m. CST, they had in stock. Didn't see anything about free pinpointer .
  6. B M W 13 owl and turtle

    Find them all the time. Turn your sensitivity up to max..
  7. Axe Head

    I'm going to take a shot at this one:
  8. Axe Head

    Saint Louis Mo. (Missouri) Diamond?
  9. Beach glass....

    Looks like old chicken wire safety glass
  10. Northern Illinois Newbie

    Welcome from North Central Illinois!
  11. NEW AT Pro constant falsing. HELP!!!

    Relevantchair pretty much nailed it. When I had my ATP, I was getting similar to what you are talking about. The cord wasn't properly wrapped. Problem solved. Agreed that that machine will pickup the most irritating small objects. Many times after using my pinpointer in a little clump of dirt...

    Dang, looks like Corona virus hit that bad boy.
  13. Cave found with Confederate muskets, saddles and crates

    Could it be???:laughing7:
  14. token/coin help plz

    I think the first word may be Remembrance.
  15. If COVID19 wasn't enough of a reason to wear gloves while pumping your gas......

    I don't see any pockets. Might have butt dialed someone. Sorry