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  • just seen this, you are very welcome, when iam on my iphone I never see any of these visitor messages , wish you all the luck in those caves!! I envy you getting to do that sort of stuff, someday my girls and I will get out to a new country for a nice vacation , fingers crossed on winning the lottery lol
    sup long time no see bro hows the family hows detecting going anyways hope all is well you be safe texts sometime
    Well I might have found a place to MD at. Its a large area of beach at Cedar Creek lake thats about 20' of dry land that was agout 12' deep. Have a couple of friends that live on that side and they said haven't seen done on that area except on the weekend swimming so Im gonna try to give it a test hit this Monday Morning. If it looks good we might want to try one weekend early in the morning before it gets people on it sun bathing and swimming.
    cya later

    Scott, thanks for the info. I will have to go over there. I know that area pretty good my wife lived off of Ixora back in the day. The one thing I learned from your post is that there was a actual bridge that went from Old Bridge Rd to Freemont St on the FM side of the river. Also that land is a county park, even though it is just woods.
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