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  • Thank you for the help. I knew a magnet wasnt the best way was just giving it a shot lol. I problay will just save it and when I get my inventory back up ill take it to the flea market. I'm define fly will have to get a magnifying glass soon to check my stuff, I see tiny markings but its very micro stamped its hard to see. Thanks again have a great day.
    Hello I have a question. I bought a bunch of costume jewelery and some was sterling silver I think, it has the same color as your turquoise and those half hoop earrings. Also a ton of avon gold colored jewlery. Ok so what should I do with it? I only bought it because it was 20 for the box and the stand. What's that gold colored made of, it's heavy and non magnetic. I used a strong earth magnate to check it. I took a piece of single junky stuff and cut it with a knife and it cut hard. Could you please help? Thank you.
    Hi Diggum , I put the Trumbull miniature of G.W. on Ebay . The Kewpie sold for $57 .
    stay safe,
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