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  1. Got A Rock you Want Identified? Post it here! gimme a good picture or 3 or 4!

    Am i posting properly?? Ive been away awhile.....
  2. Help with id.

    I would use a magic eraser on it- then you will see quickly-
  3. Georgia Gold where to look..?

    If anyone still active on this.. As far as Georgia goes- it's never a bad idea check in your own backyard. I'm pretty close to the gold museum in villa rica( translates to rich village? ) And my own yard is a nice little spot . Not a nugget heaven -but in Georgia just remember that it's placer...
  4. Garnets? Or...

    Garnets are pragmatic
  5. Please help to id

    Ooooo. I didn't want to contaminate the idea pool- that was my only guess also. Any isseas on how to clean or is a tumble in the authentic 1963 "rock tumbler fun kit " what they need
  6. Please help to id

    I'm not a professional - I'm not even sure if the hardness . I'm in Georgia west Georgia - Dallas. Any other info i can provide of asked . If you can help point me into the direction - and also how can I get these things clean??
  7. Weird rock?

    Is there not a slight bit of peacock ore - and possible many other minerals
  8. Identification help please.

    It looks more like lead to me but I didn't research it/ maybe when I am done with my post I will look further into yours/
  9. Not a clue do you?

    Thank you
  10. ?? Any guesses ?

    - I appriciate the honest stabs at this - I am in Dallas , Georgia - and it was in my yard - it is iron , and here is another pic for size reference . If your all not bored yet. Your guess is much better than mine . I'm basically brain dead - and frankly I seriously am nothing but a bloody...
  11. ?? Any guesses ?

    I figured the groove in the item and the rust crusted all over it were clues - you are all pretty smart around here so I assumed you would rip it into the piece it once and slap the name upon it- before I could give any thought to it.
  12. ?? Any guesses ?

  13. dragon token

    My favorite find to date- I was looking for that movie today to make the kids watch it
  14. Not a clue do you?

    I found it in a very old 5 drawer chest highboy I think u would call it