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  • Fairgrounds was a little slow. Looks like somebody beat us to the surface finds. I did get Randy's address and Lee is going to try and contact him. Not sure if lee is going to the next meeting in Sept. I should be there. I have not heard from the TrashFinder yet on this site. Lee found a bar token from Yreka and some other coins from other countries. He just won't give me a chance!
    Dirt Fishin Dave!
    How'd you do, hunting the fairgrounds parking?
    Did Lee get Randy's address?
    Is Lee going to miss the meeting?
    I might miss this meeting too! Going to a wedding up in P-town - long drive!
    Too bad too, as I have made some great discoveries...has TrashFinder told you
    about some?
    Dirt Fishn Dave!
    How are you?!
    you want to come down some day?
    have you heard about the road closure thing the S/T NF has done? Is it the same on the Klamath NF?
    found a two-coin spill of quarters, at the end of a 1hr hunt at the park.
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