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  1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Can you help me id this coin?

    Hey, I go to trade school and NY teacher found this coin. Can anyone tell me a date range? Thank you
  2. Gold $10 coin and 10 seated half dollars found. untouched site.

    Hey guys, me and sprailroad went to an old site i found on a map just as old. we hiked to the bottom after a mishap or 2 and found the finds of a lifetime.
  3. New way to find old properties!

    your welcome, sorry it took a year to reply....snail mail sheesh
  4. New way to find old properties!

    so sorry for the late reply. Nobody ever comments on my videos here so i just dont log back in to check. as you probably figured out by now yes you can use it on an ios device.
  5. Old maps! research sites you never heard of!

    Hey everyone. I just wanted to share with you some of the websites i have discovered over the years that have helped me find some amazing places to go metal detecting. I have multipal tutorial videos on maps websites, apps and other cool out of the box kind of sites you will definately enjoy. If...
  6. New way to find old properties! Hey Guys, I hope your all doing well and staying safe on lock down. It's been a crazy 2020 for sure. I have been using a new app i discovered and i thought id share it with you all. Its a pretty short video but it gets right to the point. This...
  7. Big silver surprise

    Well i found my oldest silver so far. I cant believe i found it to be honest because of the lack of old coins we were finding that day. I thought it was a corroded modern quarter but i saw the edge and knew it was much older then a 2000's quarter!
  8. number one research website!

    any time guys!
  9. the silver hoard

    The silver hoard This was by far my best detecting permission i have ever had. the since coins seemed to be everywhere. I obtained this permission for a while but due to circumstances i wasn't able to detect it until last Sunday and i'm glad i waited! I hope you guys enjoy the video. If you like...
  10. large Bucket lister

    So I had a pretty good day today at a permission I got for a 1910 built house. I offered to mow the lawn which was very high although i wish i would have known that part of the yard wasn't going to produce much, lol Little did I know my bucket lister would be waiting for me in the back yard! I...
  11. The best plotting website that will get you more permissions!

    Here is a website i use more then any other. Its a map plotting tool called huntstand. Say you know of a property but the home owner is never home or the property is abandoned. You can use this website to find the land owners name to search in white pages and get a phone number to contact them...
  12. Rare token found as well as a couple of old coins!

    Hey everyone. I had a fantastic time with Ed yesterday and wanted to share our detecting trip. I found an old rare token as well as an indian head penny and an old v nickel. I hope you all enjoy. If you want to see more of these videos feel free to subscribe to my channel and hit the bell icon...