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  1. Stubble Hunting - Hammered + Extremely Rare CELTIC TIT COIN...

    Awesome stuff … as usual Cru. Keep’em coming. Ddf
  2. 1812?

    Congrats on your great find.... Ohio been coughing up some... weird items lately. I’m not sure what it is but out IS cool... Ddf
  3. 500 year old, hammered British coin.

    Yes, another mystery lol... the biggest thing, is you found it and you get to hold it, wonder where it’s been, who held it... who held it last.... and ponder it’s existence. Thx for sharing, Ddf.
  4. 500 year old, hammered British coin.

    Thanks Amergin, yes... the separate Tudor plot in the cemetery, while seeming far-fetched, might connect some dots. I will definitely do some research on them, if possible. I do remember their gravestones were very extravagant and had to be pricey for the time. Thx for the nod, Ddf.
  5. 500 year old, hammered British coin.

    While we’re not ever going to find the exact reason this coin was found where it was, that’s probably the best scenario I could imagine. There was a school on this site, shown on the 1875 overlay. Both of my Chinese cash coins were found at a school and a park next to a school, hence the “show...
  6. A days dig at an old doctor's dump

    Looks like that dump was a blast to dig in! Congrats on a bunch of beautiful, old glass... Ddf.
  7. 2nd career bust half

    Beautiful coin!! I happen to stumble across an 1825 Capped half last year.... was not expecting that! Congrats on your stunning new half, Ddf.
  8. 500 year old, hammered British coin.

    I think I remember that Lizzy... stunning! This site has produced a few mysteries, a near mint 1842 Seated dime... with a New Orleans mint Mark, the 1834 Capped half dime with almost no wear, and of course, our hammered. Thanks for looking Toasted, Ddf.
  9. 500 year old, hammered British coin.

    Thank you got the kind words, PullTabPete...I’ve had plenty days out here where I didn’t even bring home ONE Wheatiie! Get out there and beep, they’re out there just gotta get your coil over them! Good luck in your travels, Ddf.
  10. 500 year old, hammered British coin.

    Thanks E-Trac, your guess is as good as mine but that sounds plausible. There was a school on this site along with a few houses, possibly some young tyke took Gramps’ old hammered coin for show n tell.... and lost it. I’ll never know but it sure is fun thinking about all the different scenarios...
  11. 500 year old, hammered British coin.

    Thanks Steve in Pa, yes that’s probably a lot closer than what I was thinking. There are a lot of flakes on the ground here and we’ve found 2 of 3 complete points, all black onyx. Also thank you guys for changing the title of this thread, at the time I did not realize the significance of this...
  12. 500 year old, hammered British coin.

    Thanks Jeff of Pa!!
  13. 500 year old, hammered British coin.

    Thanks Pepperj, yes... the how/why/when question....I don’t know and I’ve accepted the fact that I never will. After the dust settles I am going to send it off to have it professionally repaired. At least have it flattened or straightened so it resembles a round coin once again. Thanks for...
  14. 500 year old, hammered British coin.

    Thx AARC, looking back, I guess it would be more probable finding one of these in a Coinstar than in an Ohio cornfield lol.. Surely a surprise for me... now every time I go out I have to try to top THAT! The absolutely stunning Capped half dime I found the next day kinda paled in comparison...
  15. 500 year old, hammered British coin.

    Thx, hunk-a-lead... was my pleasure lol. Was a bummer that I didn’t get to scratch something off of my bucket list, as 16th century hammered silver wasn’t really on there. Ddf.