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  • hey man I got out again with the vaquero and I did get some targets that my CMPro might not have heard but I am still having a heck of a time knowing what to dig and what not to dig. I found a gold ring @ about 4 inches with the CMPro and it came in as a nickel on the CMPro (most rings do). I brought the Vaq out and re-buried the ring... side by side both detectors, small gold ring @ 4". The Vaq picked it up only if I had the discrimination sitting right at iron and even then the signal was very soft. the CMPro said nickel all day long while still having foil discriminated out the signal was loud and clear.

    Again, I don't dislike the vaq but it's a dig everything type of machine for me so far. I mean everything...
    It's my backup. I've done well when I've used it. I noticed that buried items do not discriminate anywhere near the labels on the dial. A 4 inch nickel discriminates out for me at the first line past iron. Well before the nickel mark on the dial. Depth is about on par with my CMPro and I like the sounds better than the CMPro. The CMPro is a better machine IMO so far.
    Hey dirtscratcher, These poor guys don't know how bad they got it busting their backs digging junk! Thanks again for the advice, I'm really liking this X Terra! After 2 hunts, I can already say that I'm not going back to Tesoro. With the Vaq, almost every signal you get is a headscratcher! Hmmm... rusty bolt or dime? I find it hard to believe that someone would use both, and PREFER a Vaquero after trying an X-Terra. You have both ML and Vaquero, so why would you hunt with the Explorer if the Vaquero is so great? I already know the answer to that one. Like Longhair says 'The best you know is the best you've had'. I thought the Vaquero was the best thing since sliced bread, I bought into all the hype. it was the best I had so I never knew how much better it could be until I tried something else. So now I just watch the frustration as people try to figure out their 'one-tone wonder'! Thanks again for helping me to decide on the Minelab. life is too short to swing the wrong detector. Scott
    Hey dirtscratcher,
    Yes I did get your message. I did like my Vaquero in all metal mode. It ran pretty stable in the gold bearing areas with the small dd coil. I realized I wasn't using it much for prospecting and wanted to start using it as more of an all-around detector. It was then I figured out that it in disc mode, it wasn't as good as I expected. I was constantly digging up all sizes of iron, even when disc was cranked up way high! I ran my new F2 over some spots I had hit before with the Vaquero and found alot of dimes at and near the 7" that I somehow missed with the Vaquero, as well as some quarters in the 7" plus range. I'm convinced beep & dig is not for me and I like the versatility of the X-Terras. I was a bit concerenced about the 3 year warranty, but it's nice to hear your Explorer is still fine after 13 years. That is reassuring! Thanks again for your input. I'm pretty much set on the X-Terra 505.
    Thanks for the info. Sorry to hear about your wife. I have property in Ferndale near Swan Lake, but dont get home very often as my wife, kids, and grandkids are all over here in Watford City. Hopefully I will be done over here in a year or two and can go back home for good. Thanks for the info on Grenora. I have been studying the local history around here for a few years and have some promising spots to check out. I also have some leads on pre 1890 areas near my property in Ferndale that I need to check out. I will get ahold of you one of these days when I do. Thanks again and Im hoping for the best for you and your wife! Joe
    No I'm back in the flathead my wife got sick on me. If your going back and forth get ahold of me. If your in ND check out Grenora theres a large school yard that me did okat plus some nice old house for door nocking. The road east to west through Grenora goes through quite afew really old small towns all with little parks.
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