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  1. The night life, aint no good life, but its my life.

    Re: The night life, ain't no good life, but it's my life. I like the Moose Jaw! Looks like my kinda place! :thumbsup:
  2. San Luis Valley

    I wish I saw half as much gorgeous country as you do in one month! Great pics man! I'm heading for the Ozarks next week. Got a new bike and I'm trailering it up and we'll be in Branson for the 4th! Good to see to see ya RGINN! :hello:
  3. Dirty WhiteBoy....Hello everyone!

    Hahahah...That is way too funny. I know the house your talking about. He built a big nice one just up the road and then bought another one and renovated it and rented it too. When I first met him 10 years ago he lived in the house you are talking about with his wife LeAnne I think it was. Man...
  4. Dirty WhiteBoy....Hello everyone!

    Hey Bran, How do you know Chester the Molester we call him? That is him. We've been ridin buddies for awhile. He is a character isn't he? :icon_scratch: That is too funny that you would know him!!! :laughing7: Tell me how you know this crazy dude! ;D
  5. Dirty WhiteBoy....Hello everyone!

    Thanks for the nice compliments everyone! :notworthy:
  6. My best find since I got my DFX in September!

    Thanks Rick, Yeah...just shy of about $400.00 at todays gold price. I'm still lookin for that 2 carat diamond post earring to top it! ;D
  7. My best find since I got my DFX in September!

    Thank you Allen & Casttech for the compliments! I run the good ole coin & jewelery on the turf and jewelry& beach in the sand! I got real lucky on that necklace! It's still my nicest find! :icon_thumright:
  8. Treasure Hunter T-Shirt!!! UPDATE!!!

    Thank you Allen and Ronzie for the nice compliments! :notworthy: I just finished printing up "Coin Finder"s T-shirts and I think they came out pretty cool! Your feedback is still appreciated everyone! Thanks, Jim :icon_thumleft:
  9. What are some gift ideas for a treasure hunter?

    Please allow me to recommend one of my "Treasure Hunter Forever" T-Shirts! Thank you! Jim :hello:
  10. didnt dig these but I like em!

    Re: didnt dig these but I like 'em! Those are awesome! :thumbsup:
  11. Treasure Hunter T-Shirt!!! UPDATE!!!

    Hey Johnnycat..I know what ya mean. I have to stick to just white for now, but in the future I may be able to have some more choices! I find that the shirts print out really vivid on a white shirt. Not the best color for diggin, but good in the hot sun here in Florida! I only have white shirts...
  12. Treasure Hunter T-Shirt!!! UPDATE!!!

    Ok gang, I have revised the shirt and made it generic and better! I have attempted to reduce my picture size so you can see them better! They will sell for $17.00 for a plain white Haines 100% cotton T-shirt with pocket and printing on the back! For an additional $4.00 per shirt I can print your...
  13. gold??

    Pookie, I got mine at a local coin dealer. Also check with a jewelery repairman! :icon_scratch:
  14. Treasure Hunter T-Shirt!!! UPDATE!!!

    You almost got me on that one RGINN! :laughing9: :laughing7:
  15. Treasure Hunter T-Shirt!!! UPDATE!!!

    Plehbah...I will be happy to make you a matching pair of pants if you want. You will look great in them! :icon_jokercolor: