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  • Sent you a friend request. We are moving to the Arlington area of Jacksonville in about two weeks.
    Would love to spend some time online or in person getting familiar with the aspects and etiquette of
    the hobby.
    Just wanted to say hello. It has been a long time. I am still CRH and metal detecting--when I can. School has me busy--and my second grandchild is on the way. A boy!
    There are people in this world we never meet--but I will not ever forget your kindness. Hope all is well with you and your family D_D.
    apush (debra)
    Merry Christmas D_D. I wish you and your family a Happy New Year. 2 more days and I have 2 weeks off to hunt.

    May your silver dreams come true,

    apush (Debra)
    Thank you for your kind post(s). My next goal is a cent that has the initials and the year 1909. :) I cannot image what yours could possibly be!

    I am heading your way (Florida) in July 2013. Going to hit the beaches at Fort Walton. I have 7 days waiting to metal detect and can't wait!
    Thank you for the quick response. The older I get, the more technology out-paces me. I do have a nephew who is much more computer smart than I am. I will ask him to put this coin on TreasureNet for me. Thanks again!
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