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  1. Back in the saddle

    :hello: Never left (for long). I might not visit the forum everyday, but still hunting 40+ years.
  2. Silver Below Melt

    Gotta be quicker than that... J/K. The buyer wound up buying it all and then some (79 ounces) and I threw in extra to make it "heavy".
  3. Silver Below Melt

    All Sold and then some.
  4. Silver Below Melt

    I just responded to your PM.
  5. Silver Below Melt

    Selling .999 fine 1 ounce bars. 50 cent below spot for quantities less than 20. $1 below spot for quantities above 20. Free USPS Priority Mail shipping/tracking. Payment via PayPal FaF to get the deal. Contact me via PM with any questions.
  6. Atocha 8R Grade 2

    These are not seen too often so I wanted to share before it finds a new home. I've had this in my collection for 30 years and it is an excellent specimen. I had a new digital certificate and appraisal last October from Taffi's daughter who personally handled the transaction after reuniting a...
  7. Tuscaloosa Coin Hoard

    In general. When dealing with salvage, the coins must be conserved whether they are found on a shipwreck or buried in an iron chest. These hoard coins were covered in environmental rust as the outer container deteriorated. They would have been worthless left as they were found. I conserve...
  8. Tuscaloosa Coin Hoard

    The last round of hoard coins that I submitted for consignment last year were very well received by the collector community. I held back the oldest of the hoard and IMO the best specimen that will come to market. There are no more quantities that exist of the hoard. They are all individually...
  9. 1883 CC Morgan Dollar - GSA Hoard

    If anyone remembers the original photos and the emphasized die cracks, well, I have it consigned with Sedwick's Treasure Auction that ends in 5 days. The current bid is pretty cheap for a CC Morgan.
  10. What is the most valuable coin that you have lost?

    UPDATE: I know this is an old thread, but just wanted to give an update. I found the 3-legged Buffalo and submitted it for grading (this way, I was less likely to lose it - again). It came back AU-58 (better than my initial raw grading). I won't lose it again as it will go to a new owner in...
  11. Atocha coin Real Or Fake

    Fantasy Piece.
  12. Rumor or not?..

    To be fair, they are two different products. There is a the bullion version and the collector version. The collector version will have the mintmark and burnished finish. Yes, there is still a hefty premium. But take for example the 2012 Hawaii Volcanoes National Park - the bullion version is...
  13. 1970

    40 years of hunting and I've found about a dozen - combined. They are rare to find in the wild.
  14. 2021 West point mint quarters??

    I'm guessing not. The original premise behind the W quarters was to inspire and encourage coin collecting with the Great American Coin Hunt. They were purposely released into circulation for people to find and not made available to collectors through the Mint. The carryover into last year...
  15. Bags of IKE Dollars