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  • There is a good size trawler up for sale, lawyer owns it and another one, both for sale. It was over at the merchant marine port and going there tomorrow, will get spects. Looks old, fit right in with the locals. Saw it at a distance, large enough for plenty of equipment. Wants $80K but very motivated.

    Found one that Tommy liked, nice 38' w/tower, new twin 140 yanmars, new props & shaft all elec. in good cond. Was $40k, now $38k. Been sitting 1 yr. Have pics but can't attach to this email. Send me your email if you want pics.

    Utila this weekend, heard boats for sale there, also going to try to go to Trujillo.

    I go back to Fl. On Mar. 3 but ready to come right back. From what I heard the gov't doesn't do anything quick down here. It could take months if they will even consider working on a reef system.

    Really need some plans soon.

    DL, We are going to need a boat. Let me know what size is available. First, we need to get the Dr. that has the contacts with the Government to get us a meeting with the President to sign a contract. Hopefully he will get that done shortly. Since you are a boat Captain? Please use your experience to recommend a boat for us to use.
    Hello, I was on Corn Island about 3 years ago. A friend walked out on a very small wood dock, like you would see in a lake and took a picture. It was just down the beach from where we were waiting for our lunch under a big patio area.
    A military guy came out, pointed his rifle at him and took his camera, erased his pictures and told him he couldn't take pictures here, it was a military area. He did give him his camera back. Others took pictures of the same area from where we were and no problems.
    I wouldn't want to wander into a "military area" with a metal detector.
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