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  • I occasionally work out in oso and darrington, which has a number of places to dig, however, almost all the creeks are spawn routes for the salmon. I am amazed that the eggs are able to hang on thru these huge water surges and flooding, tough little *******s!!! Thanks for the info, heres to hoping the rivers drop a number of feet and lots of gold!

    Hey Mike!
    I have a question about salmon, and how long we have to observe caution while they and their redds are in our rivers...Is this something I still need to be worried about? or have all the eggs and whatnot been washed back out to the ocean? I guess I could look it up, but I rather find out from someone I know is aware of what they are talking about! Cheers!

    Mike, Give me a call when you get back. Don't always have internet acess. John Murphy 425-623-8900-
    Mike have great trip and enjoy yourself. A little dirt would be great! Hope you find some Nugget with yout new Pro.
    It would be great to get together with you to do some detecting I've never swung one. LOL. I have COPD also, kinda slowed my rehab cause it's tough to walk far. Still smoke and that don't help. If you think about and are kind enough would you be willing to bring some dirt back form a wash or crick that MAY have some color in it. Or maybe dry some out and throw in a usps box. I don't see me getting down that way anytime soon. John
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