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  1. waist to neck deep hunting

    The only drawback, though not a huge thing if nothing else is around you is the carabiner clipping onto things. All of my tech diving instructors called them suicide clips, even the locking gate kind. We had to use either bolt snaps, or lobster claw type clips.
  2. First Hooka dive 6/28/22 NWCT

    Nice first dive of the season. Wow, 40lb belt? I don't think I've ever gone more than 12-14lbs even in a drysuit. Extra weight does help with currents though. Looking forward to seeing what else you find this season. Be safe, and keep hunting.
  3. Simplex+ vs Nokta Pointer

    I had that issue with mine, with 3 different pinpointers. That was one of the things I didn't like about the Simplex. I don't remember having that much noise on the Multi Kruzer I had. I haven't been able to use their PulseDive as a pointer with any machine I have without it really getting...
  4. Does anyone use GPS to track where they have been?

    I have GPS in my CTX 3030. I've messed with it a few times, but hardly seemed worth the effort for my needs. Most times, I don't remember it's there.
  5. 💵 FOR SALE Minelab Equinox, CTX 3030, & Garrett APEX/AT/Ace shafts IN STOCK (black, and colors)!

    That's just a beautiful sight, all those carbon fiber shafts in color.....
  6. Wasp

    I have similar ones in the back yard right now. Black wings, orange abdomen with a yellow ring around it. From what I've found, they're after the grubs in the lawn. I've watched one dig one up, drag it out of the hole, sting it a few times and I think then lay an egg on it, then cart it back...
  7. Is it true the CTX users are switching to the Equinox instead??

    I went the other way, Nox 800 to CTX and haven't looked back. It's a personal thing for me. I just didn't enjoy using the Nox at all. If the hobby's not fun, what's the point in doing it? I could be missing targets, but that doesn't matter to me. For me, it's more about being out and...
  8. Walmart Security really rude!

    You can just say no. At least here in my state you can.
  9. GoPro in the field

    I'm fairly new to action cameras like the GoPro series. I did finally buy the GoPro Hero 8 Black. I'm wondering how folks are using theirs on hunts. Chest mount? Tripod? Another person along to just shoot video/pics? Are you recording the entire time, then just editing later?
  10. WALTHER P 38

    Really nice looking! That would complement any collection very well. I wish I still owned that Russian Makarov I had. But sadly, that was the ex-wife's pistol. Wasn't my place to tell her she couldn't take her pistol with her.
  11. Drowned CTX battery compartment

    This is why I haven't, and probably won't take mine in the water. Whenever the urge to water hunt comes up, I'll just settle for my pulsedive for now. I'm far too afraid I'll end up just drowning my CTX.
  12. Anyone else waiting for their new detecting stuff to arrive??

    Mine finally did. I had to chase UPS down. They "attempted" delivery and claimed no answer. Yea, sorry. The Ring doorbell would have seen them do more than drive past. Instead of making a 2nd attempt the next day, they went to the local UPS Store a day later and dropped it off there. But...
  13. Finds


    Stuff found metal detecting
  14. headphone recommendation

    I just started looking at Detectorpro Rattler. I really like the idea of 1 cup, and 1 ear not covered. Whenever I use phones or buds, I always leave 1 ear open anyway. Kind of like to know what's going on around me.
  15. Looking for a left handed magnet fishing magnet

    They're right next to the blinker fluid over in automotive.