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  1. 1785 Nova Constellatio, my best coin ever!

    Wow I bet that was a heart stopper when it came out of the ground
  2. It Started With A Huge Surprise! Metal Detecting With A Spectacular Find

    unorthodox method but he did find things. I think the hacking was due to the rocks in the hard packed forest. The roman bracelet was an interesting find.
  3. 1984 error coin not on any list I have found

    The Lincoln cent is a die clash, where the two dies hit without a planchet loaded. Cant tell about the Indian cent. maybe damage from a projectile.
  4. Bird effigy?

    Agree its not any relic shaped by native Americans. It IS a good specimen to study how mannerization forms and looks on a rock from what it looks like in the photo.
  5. Possible Hammer Stone?

    I agree with the others, when the photos are blown up to a look at the surface better, i see no evidence of being used as a hammerstone. When we were at our cabin a Nolin Lake in KY, the lake and creeks are littered with stones similar to what appears in your first photo. The are is an active...
  6. 2 spots 2 points 2 days

    very nice. Authentic metal points are difficult to find these days.
  7. Real or no Deal

    An interesting group. I would suggest against using ebay for any sales price. I would suggest instead using an auction house like liveauction, proxibid or Cowan’s. Not just one but those and more. All have pros and cons. Too many to get into here. But not all houses upload hammer prices...
  8. Nice Florida point

    very nice, exceptional length.
  9. Badger leads archaeologists to hoard of Roman coins in Spain

    A badger has led archaeologists to a hoard of more than 200 Roman coins that had been hidden in a cave in Spain for centuries. The animal had burrowed into a crack in the rock inside the La Cuesta cave in the Asturias region of northwest Spain, and dug out coins that were later discovered by a...
  10. 01/09/2022 Todays finds

    The rain started at dusk yesterday and came down most of the night. The winds were strong, the sky's overcast as a cool mist came down. Temperature hovered just above freezing as I walked through the mushy grass wading the overflowing ditches. To most people it would be considered a miserable...
  11. Native American Work Stone

    I agree with Fat and Charl, that stone does not appear to have any indication of alteration by man. The "thumb impression" is most likely a segment of the stone with broke away during millennia of weathering - the freeze thawing action that broke off a weak segment of the stone.
  12. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED A Face rock? Help please found in nc amongst tons of artifacts...

    Interesting. It may help in any identification about the context of this find. When you say "amongst tons of artifacts." What exactly does that mean? What other artifacts? Please provide more information about where this was found? How it was found, that sort of information please...
  13. What do you think?

    very nice relics. I especially like the large pestle and bowl. great age patina on it, good use wear. No implement damage. You grandfather found these or simply found on his land? It would be worth checking that area out more.
  14. Help with info

    Nice find. not sure of a type, but looks late archaic to me. broad percussion faking with little to no edge retouching / pressure flaking.