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  • Hey Don I found another Jersey in Ocean County today. Maybe you can ID it? I posted it on todays finds
    Hi there.
    I was playing around on my phone after I found an old Wawa dairy bottle an found your post about a bottle you found that says drink health drink milk or something like that. Anyway I think your bottle maybe from Wawa dairy they used that slogan back in the early 1900's.
    Hello Don, I was told to consult with you on my recently found 1692 Irish Half Penny. You can view the picture under my user name wes-n-va. It is wonderful condition and dug in sandy soil from Eastern Virginia. Any help would be welcomed and appreciated greatly. Thank you for your time!
    Hi Don, Nice finds ...I also live in south Jersey near Medford. Many nice old sites. Just dug George II in a field near Marlton. Happy digging.....
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