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  • A town called Rocksprings Tx, Rual part of south west texas. A tornado blew thru this area in 1900's, i have found what looks like some one busted up boxes full of dishes (all colours) an spread them on the ground. I picked up a few and gonna make pavers with the kids. There's a guy, rayrayvegas has one similar, his is a 1923, though. I have scoured the site you linked, sadly only to find a shiny one lookin like mine. Thanks for your help.
    Echo 5-5 OUT!
    I know no way of getting names to badge numbers, sorry.
    What area did you find it in?? I do like collecting them..
    Her's a link with some pics of various years.

    CALIFORNIA - Badge News

    I found a 1920 california chaffure badge, with # 62064. Word has it you may know about the persons whom it mat have been issued to?
    I love your comment line about old, fat and ugly.....I was offended at first because I thought you were talking about me as I fit that description . Very clever. Monty
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Anderson Detector Shafts

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