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  1. ✅ SOLVED Help With Error Coin

    I say a dryer coin. Tim
  2. ✅ SOLVED Anyone recognize?

    Don't know why, but I'm thinking Dodge Brothers??? Tim
  3. ✅ SOLVED Tiny coin or token

    Looks like play money. Tim
  4. I'm trying to get information on this find.

    It's 1/2 of a sash buckle. The other half would hook together of that clip piece. Should be a spot where the was a smaller hook. Never found both halves of sash buckles before. I like it though! Tim
  5. An old Locket?

    Part of an old pocket watch with the guts missing, . Tim
  6. Bennington Marble?

    Yes, its a brown Bennington. 100 year old range, nice find. Tim
  7. Badge? Found at 1830s Homesite

    By the size, i was thinking sash buckle.. Tim
  8. ✅ SOLVED Virginia 1856 Silver Piece

    With the shaking hands, maybe something to do with Odd Fellows?? Tim
  9. United Stars of America Patent office

    Look like a broken suspender clip??? What ever I like it!! Tim
  10. Am i the only one??

    I never had to download an add blocker to see a forum with out adds. That's bull... I agree... Some message me when its fixed. Tim
  11. Am i the only one??

    Something dont make sence,, Ive been on this forum for years and never had this problem. And now I hear not all people are having problems. Why now do we have add a blocker??? And the admin don't seem to respond to this problem, or posts about it. I'm no computer whizz, but this shouldn't be...
  12. Am i the only one??

    I said something a couple of weeks ago bout all the adds. Was told the admin was working on it. I cant believe it isn't fixed yet ??? Tim
  13. Why the ads

    What has happened to the this site?? Tons of ads... Tim
  14. Pop-ups?

    Is anyone else seeing pop-up ads?? Tim
  15. ✅ SOLVED Toy Gun for What?

    I had a rubber bulb on it, Its an old squirt gun. Nice find, dont se to many of those...