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  1. Let me first introduce myself, my name is Jay! This little beauty was found in irwindale in the San Gabriel river!!! I believe it's a meteorite

    It takes a while to get a meteorite authenticated. post much better photos, and if you have access to a saw cut a piece so so can see inside.
  2. Pedro Navarez in Caballo Mountains or Organ Mountains????

    Why would poor pilgrims have that much gold ??? I have wandered around that area since I was a kid and found very little evidence of the Spanish
  3. 💥 Some coins and token that I have found 💥

    what do you mean by certify ???
  4. Mexican coins

    Revolution/Pancho Villa/Blackjack Pershing tokens, Hacienda Tokens from Chihuahua, All the coins I find In Indian Wars/Pre Civil War camps are Mexican. Bought/found/and traded Mexican coins mostly from Chihuahua.
  5. Mexican coins

    what are you looking for ?? I have some and know some collectors who might sell.
  6. Pot Head Detectorist

    they opened a lot of stores right after it became legal most are gone now.
  7. Pot Head Detectorist

    The stuff my wife makes doesn't get you high. She gives smoking weed to the cancer patients so they get the munchies or to sleep. The pain cream really works when I screw up my shoulder. The veterans get gummies or tincture that relaxes them.
  8. What type of firearm do you prefer to shoot?

    I just traded for a 54 caliber and need to go shoot it. I have gone deer hunting 5 times with my old T C Hawken 50 and got 3. I got all set up to go for a trophy Mule Deer in Chihuahua and they would not allow my 50 muzzleloader because 50 caliber was a military caliber and illegal to cross the...
  9. Pot Head Detectorist

    My state has had a democrat majority for almost 90 years and at the bottom of every list but crime and abortion. My communist governor lujan is making big bucks with legalized weed.
  10. Pot Head Detectorist

    My wife is a medical professional she grow pot and treats cancer patients and a lot of old Vietnam vets with bad ptsd. The only reason hemp/pot is illegal because of the newspaper industry/pharma cartels, and government corruption.
  11. Pottery hand drum

    Casas Grandes/Mogollon Culture desert southwest This was dug in the 1950s or earlier and has a digger repair job, the only one I have ever seen. Wish I could find out which site it came from so I could date it.
  12. Road Trip

    I had some errands to run in North West Chihua Monday so I took and extra day to do some picking. My wife didn't like her new washing machine
  13. Does anybody know what this is?

    Not a meteorite
  14. "The Woman Lying on Her Back?"

    Sleeping lady mountain on Corralitos Ranch west of town off I-10 is probably what they are talking about
  15. Spanish gold bars found, can the government steal it from me?

    If I found a small amount I would just hide it and spend a little at a time, a large amount I would move it to land I own and find it there.