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  • I am leaving because of tired of arguing my opinion on my topics. When I start finding things with dowsing, You're gonna see it on the news. There is no place to post Dowsing finds on here. I dont blame Tnet.. They have my permission to remove all my true dowsing facts and stories.. That's every one.. dowser
    I’m new at treasure hunting but I find dowsing very fascinating. I hope you don’t go. I’d love to hear more about it.
    Interested in becoming a Treasure Dowser. Have started using L-Rods and have tried to dowse several maps. Not sure if I am doing it right or wrong or correctly for that matter. Would be interested in your input or advice as I regard dowsing as a natural ability for anyone who has a mind to learn how. Any help would be appreciated. I would be glad to scan a few of my map images and email them to you for confirmation if you have the time or maybe just the images and let you dowse for yourself. It would let me know if I'm hitting or missing. Thks
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Steve's Detector Rods

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