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    I am leaving because of tired of arguing my opinion on my topics. When I start finding things...

    I am leaving because of tired of arguing my opinion on my topics. When I start finding things with dowsing, You're gonna see it on the news. There is no place to post Dowsing finds on here. I dont blame Tnet.. They have my permission to remove all my true dowsing facts and stories.. That's every...
  2. What triggers Dowsing

    Sorry. I know I get continually harrassed about my opinion on my topic. Look at my journal! I don't get angry over it, just annoyed. All my topics are trashed, no reason to stick around.
  3. What triggers Dowsing

    Here is some of his Chapters
  4. What triggers Dowsing

    Many years back I was searching on here for the same answer. What triggers Dowsing?. I was fortunate to have met, and worked with Dan a Davidson. A professor and book writer, related to Dowsing energies. The book is available free pdf. Its 66 pages. It's the most in depth book about the subject...
  5. What triggers Dowsing

    My opinion is about the topic question. "What triggers dowsing" A simple question!. If you dont have a clue, that's fine, we realize that.
  6. Pink out

    Pinkest sky I ever saw..
  7. What would you do?

    You'd have to launder it through lottery or casino. You'd spend a lot more, but have fun doing it..
  8. What triggers Dowsing

    Chill dude! My topic my opinion, I disagree with you.
  9. What triggers Dowsing

    This video doesnt relate to me and my Dowsing.
  10. What triggers Dowsing

    I'm not the only one. My answer to this question was, "Dowsing power is off right now". I also remember when they used to work!
  11. What would you do?

    I didn't specifically mean paper money or cash, I meant cache, a 100 million value. He was a dishonest person, but it wasn't until I asked that I could see his greed. But he was a partner in our treasure hunting adventures and I'm glad I didn't find one. 10% would have been enough for me...
  12. What would you do?

    My Dad had once told me, "you have to find it first"! My boss had bought truck to aid in our treasure hunting, so that made us partners. I asked him, if we found $100 million treasure, couldn't keep any legally, but if reported we got to keep 10%, what would you do? He said he would take the...
  13. Using A Psychic to help locate treasure?

    On one regression session, the hypnotist took the patient back into 2 past lives. The furthest one was someone in Egypt's past. He could've asked if they built the pyramids and sphinx, or if they did how did they do it.. Information is treasure.
  14. Using A Psychic to help locate treasure?

    I never rule things out. I also never put any thought to hypnotism and past life regressions/ reincarnation, until I watched some, there are plenty on line. I especially like the ones under LMN. The doc/hypnotist gets the name and locations, old songs, unknown languages of his patients past...
  15. Arizona Dowsed treasure lead

    It washed away the town and 100 people, mostly miners. The hidden adit or mine entrance I had found, is within 2 miles from there..