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  1. What Pennsylvania County do you live in?

    Chester County , PA
  2. Possible untouched site?

    I was running Man sensitivity. At one point it was at 30 .
  3. Possible untouched site?

    Thanks. I'm going back today for an it see what I get. I'm still goose egg for silver this year
  4. Possible untouched site?

    I went out to a new place today. It's an older baseball field that has been around for probably 40 years. No big deal. BUT I learned via the historical society that the ground the field is on is where the Dutch settled in the late 1600's. In fact, they would take a boat from this location across...
  5. Deteknix Wireless Etrac

    I'm with you. I hate heat as well. 2-3 hrs hunting and I'm spent
  6. Deteknix Wireless Etrac

    It is well worth the 89 bucks. The batter life is 6 hrs but I never hunt for more than 3 at a time.
  7. Deteknix Wireless Etrac

    Well I finally got out for about two hours to try out my new deteknix wireless system. I went to a local park that is full of trash and mostly clad. I wanted to see if the system could keep up with the etrac's chatter over multiple targets. After 2 hours I was really impressed. No lag, no...
  8. Etrac air test on Gold coin and 1927 silver dollar

    So I air tested my etrac on a newer gold coin and a 1927 silver dollar. The results were surprising. Silver Coin read 1-41 which is pretty spot on Gold Coin read 13-46 which was completely unexpected. I thought gold read lower? I'm glad it tried this . Also , I did an 1827 large cent and it...
  9. Deteknix Wireless Etrac

    I just got my shipment of the wireless Deteknix kit for Etrac. I will review as soon as I get out with them. Fingers crossed that it works good because the headphone cord for the wired headphones is an absolute pain.
  10. Etrac and no silver

    I cannot tell you how helpful this post is. Thank you for taking the time to help me understand what to do. I plan on taking it out this weekend and hitting the local park which dates from mid 1800's
  11. Etrac and no silver

    Yea iron is bad at this site. I never used TTF. I just learned about it today. I am going to try a few more times and see if I get lucky. I'm going to take time and learn the machine which is what I should have done alreasy
  12. South Jersy Etrac Users

    Hello, Are there any South Jersey guys/gals that use ETRAC and would not mind helping me learn my machine? We can meet at a park or something and I would like to learn how to understand "iffy" signals. I have had this for 2 years and have not been able to locate silver, I believe I am...
  13. Etrac and no silver

    Also, I have been watching youtube videos for the last 2 hours and I DEFINATELY swing too fast. I figure the more ground I cover the better the chances of finding something. Apparently, Ive been doing this wrong for a bit :dontknow:
  14. Etrac and no silver

    I agree. I stared out metal detecting with a Quattro and went to ETRAC within a few years, never really learning the Quattro. I don't know any ETRAC users near me, but I will try to post in a different forum and see if someone will help me learn the machine. I just don't know what a "iffy"...