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    Unfortunately 99% of supposed recoveries posted or YouTubed in the Philippines are done by scammers wishing to take advantage of people. The actual recoveries are virtually never posted due to the inherent dangers of the TH becoming known and thus a target of all sorts of bad things. also...
  2. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! Dowsing for a New Year!

    Hope everyone has a very prosperous and successful 2022!
  3. Photos & Map - Treasure Site

    I’m getting gold detection in this are.
  4. Actual Markers

    I’m attaching a number of actual markers, found in 2 sites, within the last 3 weeks in the Philippines. Provided as info only.
  5. Photos & Map - Treasure Site

    The circles are where I see AU signals. on the pic with blue arrows, look for exposed hardened cement, or ceramics, and see if those are markers.
  6. Photos & Map - Treasure Site

    All I am seeing is ferrous, junk metal.
  7. Photos & Map - Treasure Site

    I agree with red desert on the 1 pic. I see one spot on the edge of your red box. on the other, I get non ferrous in the blue circle, not gold or silver, another possible platinum.
  8. Photos & Map - Treasure Site

    Ok, this is what I detect. The thicker arrow is strongest signal. cant tell if anything is shallow or giveaways. Blue I detect platinum. I know you have gadgets, they should be able to nail depths.
  9. Photos & Map - Treasure Site

    On that size map, small deposits won’t show for me. Saw no gems, gold circles are AU and blue is possible Platinum. those are areas I would check. Look for markers and use your devices for confirmation. Disregard yellow lines.
  10. Photos & Map - Treasure Site

    I looked again. Still seeing a small spot of AU. The blue box is ferrous metal, maybe a box? I don’t see any usual gemstones or other non ferrous metals. Good luck.
  11. Photos & Map - Treasure Site

    I see nothing in the orange circle.
  12. Photos & Map - Treasure Site

    I would check the spots I marked.
  13. Island Treasure

    Check blue circle area for silver.
  14. Respectfully asking for a dowsing of this pic.

    I would check the spots I’ve marked.
  15. Is there something valuable to map dowse here?

    Not seeing anything.