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  • Hi there,
    I night detect in Newport Beach and, so far, have not had any problems.
    People do hunt HB at night and sometimes get thrown off the city beach. I think the State beaches are OK, it's a long walk!
    Thanks for letting this newbie try out your SS today Doc. Appreciate the tips too. Too bad I didn't have much time to spend out there today but it sure was a pleasure meeting you doc.
    Hey guys I'm new to metal detecting, I have been doing it for 6 mths with a detector I got from canadian tire for about $80. It is a very basic detector. I enjoy it alot but I want to move up to a detector that can tell me the difference between trash and good objects. I live in newfoundland so I do alot of detecting on beaches,fields,playgrounds and ball fields. I have looked at some different detectors online but I'm not sure which way to go. I like the garrett a t pro but I hear people say that the minelab e trac is a much better machine and that if I could fine a used machine it would be the way to go. I know I'm new at this but I dont want to buy a detector and wish i'd spent the extra 200 and got the proper one. I'm hoping to make the purchase in the spring and I would like to keep it at $1000.00 or less. Any advise would be great!!
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