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  • Dsty,

    I posted three pictures on Advanced Spanish Signs and Symbols page 15.
    I would love to get your insight on them.
    In the second picture--the white Bear I think is a triangle showing six exact compass bearings.
    IN the last pictures I thought that there may be some tax collector caches of the royal fifth--the Quinto
    in the center close up where the tiny shadow diamond --I thought might be a possible cache site
    In the back ground there seem to be some triangles--one on the left edge of the picture--one on the right edge of the picture
    And one triangle in the center of the picture.
    There are also two shadow bears in the background--one in the center triangle
    One shadow bear in the portion of the right triangle --which is cut off in the picture

    I would love to get your help --and see your insight and understanding of these photos.
    Hope you are well, i have some intersting signs and Rangler has advised me to contact you.
    Can i have your email please.
    Thank you
    hey how you doing ? seen where you were from around south east okla. im from holdenville ,ok . keep saying going to go back and hit a few spots . just never have the time..
    Had some trouble getting stuff to post on here. Here is the set up with the bear head... it is 12 feet or 4 paces behind the rabbit head with 4" inch drill hole. Then to the right is another unknown proped up boulder with 4" drill hole. It makes a perfect triangle each 4 paces. but this rock is laying down while the others are propped up. this is all on the crest of the hill overlooking a yard. the anchor hole is 360 n and roughly 200 ft. below. I believe this is the place where 3 trails meet b/c i can still see parts of them. but i also think this is part of the windrose used to set up the yard. below are several fake cave/death traps. I think this bear points to one or something close to one.
    hi,,about my posted thread.. what do you mean by cleaning out the 1/2 circle,,, should i clear it up ...
    Hi Dsty!Good to hear from you. I do not know what happened to the likes. I can not find it either and i wanted to like a few things you posted too. Well..accept my virtual likes and hugs! Things okay here.
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