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  • Hi EagleDown. Glen here from NE Tennessee. I really enjoy your posts and would be honored to have you as a friend so i can keep up with your adventures.
    Hey EagleDown

    I was a very close friend of Pierre, Fritz, Bob Berg, Beady eyed Betty, Fisherman John and all the others on the river. Curious of who you are. Please write me terrcher974@Gmail.com
    Eagle down I find your post very interesting so want you in my friends list to be able to find you quickly
    Hi dear,
    i read this post : Gold Aura IR Photography?
    did you think we can see buried gold aura by digital camera ???
    Eagle, I sure would like a heads up next time you plan on being in Mariposa / Briceburg area. It would be an honor to meet you. My e-mail address is danielmutters@gmail.com.
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