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  1. John Swift silver Mines.. clues to the mine...(video by James Scott)

    Hey Sevenfeathers, I look forward to seeing your finds. Maybe you are onto something. But I have to agree with my ole buddy Hiker; Im getting a little confused on what you are posting and who are responding to. Maybe its just getting used to Tnet. Anyways keep us updated with your journey.
  2. List of Swift Journals?

    Wow man is this your book?
  3. Indian waybill... Caney Creek.. Elliott County Kentucky..

    Curtis I know the big rock you are talking about after you leave the Caney book dock. I would like to find that carving of the map you mention! I have always been tempted to try and climb that rock and look for carvings. It has stuck out to me since I was a kid. I have followed the Waybill for...
  4. Indian waybill... Caney Creek.. Elliott County Kentucky..

    Hey man love the pics! Thats an interesting carving. I have been up and down Laurel Creek all my life. Ive lived in Elliot County all my life. Yes there are a lot of interesting things to be found in those cliffs.
  5. Mines of the 1700s

    Sweet thanks for the resource.
  6. Different theory

    Hiker that is an excellent post. You are right the claim to the area could have been the reason to alter the date. I could easily see how a name like Smith could turn to Swift as well. Im like you, I believe Prathers Swift is more then likely the heart of the legend. I would just like to figure...
  7. Different theory

    Yeah risk is not worth the reward in some situations. Nothing to tighten a man up worse then Icy roads. I feel your pain on that one.
  8. Different theory

    Yes you are right it was when Boone was on the Yadkin when Swift supposenly said people were becoming suspisious of him. Wow the map sounds interesting. Yeah man that would be frustrating. Im afriad I would be weaker willed and have to see what was in that hole ha ha. Joking.
  9. Different theory

    I think it was in Mike Steelys book where he talks about the possible connection between Boone and Swift. Both would have been in the area at the same time if you are to believe the time frame given by Filsons land grant. I believe Steely wrote how Swift said that other people were beginnig to...
  10. Different theory

    Be interesting to see Nickels and Prather debate that issue ha ha. I would buy a tub of popcorn and the ticket to watch!
  11. Different theory

    I had never heard that Franklin, thats interesting. Its interesting that when FIlson was traveling with Boone they used to read "Jonathan Swifts Gullivers Travels." They even named a creek or two after things from the bookn (or so I heard). I always thought that the legend began with those...
  12. Different theory

    There are several RV parks around the Red River Gorge area as well as a few decently priced hotels.
  13. Different theory

    But I will say, I used to put a lot of faith in Joe Nickels article about Filson possibly making up the story of John Swift. That was my alternative thoughts if the legend was not real. However Prathers work has put that in serious doubt. That would be too much of a coincidence for Filson to...
  14. Different theory

    Yeah man that reasearch is unreal. I am still trying to wrap my mind around some dates about the years he shows Swift bought property in Kentucky; and when Swift was first mentioned in the land grant FIlson and Breckenridge applied for. They applied for the grant mentioning Swift in 1788 I...
  15. Different theory

    Hey thats an interesting story Franklin; thank you for sharing. Yeah I would for sure go back and check that area if I was you. You never know what may be in that area. There is a lot of rugged terain in that area.