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  1. Different theory

    I’ve read on this book off and on for a couple years and finally read it straight through a couple weeks ago. I am currently rereading it to make sure I am comprehending everything he is saying. His research is off the charts although there are a few stretches I believe. However I am reading it...
  2. Season 9

    I feel its heading in that direction as well.
  3. Natural or Man Made?

    Yeah been pretty wet around here. Winter sounds good to me. Hope you are doing well.
  4. Indian waybill to Swift Mines (Revisited)

    Anyone been doing anymore research on the waybill? Curtis have you visited the area any lately?

    Interesting. Keep us updated.
  6. counter fitters of swift times

    Jacob Sprinkle was in the Carter/Lewis County area.
  7. Natural or Man Made?

    Exactly buddy. I messaged the lady who sent me the pics. She gave me precise directions. Shoot me a message if you want and I’ll send you a screenshot of it. If you go before you and I have an opportunity to just let me know how it went!
  8. Natural or Man Made?

    Lol yep. Thats what I love about you Hiker. Not a fantasy guy ha ha.
  9. Norton Virginia

    Hey friends. Im heading through Pikeville Friday and down to Tennesse to buy fireworks for my familes annual fourth of July cook out. I can buy them here Illegally but the fun is my wife and I getting to travel through Pikeville, Virginia, and then Tennessee. We always stop in Norton Virginia...
  10. Addressing and Correcting Misinformation in the KGC Forum

    Wow love this. I am one for filtering fact from fiction. You my friend have done a wonderul job.
  11. Natural or Man Made?

    Ok I ignored this troll. Sorry to my buddies on here for a drama thread ha ha. It was just gettiing ridicolous.
  12. Natural or Man Made?

    Jesus tap dancing Christ. No you take fairytales too seriously. No its not me because I dont care lol. Go little man go! Its all yours. The treasure under the tree is yours! Go get it!!!! Dude there is no treasure there. Now unless your gonna be an intellegent man dont mention my name again...
  13. More Proof that J. Frank Dalton was Jesse Woodson James

    Wow that is actually pretty cool evidence.
  14. Question about the lost Elliot county natural bridge

    Another thought Curtis; maybe the line of rocks is the natural bridge as it was in the 1700s. Think about it. As your coming up the Little Sandy, the line of rocks seem to cross the river just as the manuscript says. We have to remember that that area of the Little Sandy was a lot smaller before...