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  • Wow! That BDD sure isnt interested in any kind of facts or any kind of logic! He is the only one on this site that says he is not interested in history or even money! He sure likes digging holes, of course he doesnt know where he is digging or do any real research about it, he just thinks that if he digs enough holes, he will find something, and maybe he is right, just dig a million holes, and one of them must have at least a dog bone in it!
    Its fun watching his remarks, to anything that smells of logic. He first came on to the site, not so long ago, and claimed he know where most of the treasures in the world have been hidden! Wow, what a guy, and to prove it, he tells about how many holes he has dug!

    Oh well, just had to blow some steam!! Have a nice day!
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