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  1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Old Hatchet Head Found in Box

    In total it's 4.75" long. The blade is 2.25", the butt is 1" wide x 1.75" long, the eye is 5/8" at it's widest and 1.5" long. Hope it helps, and thank you! I've added some pictures of the top and bottom.
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Old Hatchet Head Found in Box

    I found this small hatchet head in a box at a yard sale. It's real hard to read the numbers, but it wouldn't matter since I have no idea how to research.
  3. Big Galveston Gold + Diamonds

    Thanks everyone.
  4. Big Galveston Gold + Diamonds

    Ajaj, Good question. I found this ring in pretty much dry sand... it was higher up on the beach a little past the high tide mark, but not completely in the super fine dry stuff. I've used both the AT Max and AT Pro at these beaches and in my opinion the AT Max ground balances way better in wet...
  5. Big Galveston Gold + Diamonds

    Totally agree with it being luck... I was thinking it's like winning a lottery. Had to be at the right beach, at the right time, hunting the right place to get it before anyone else did. I easily could have missed it. I've hunted several Galveston beaches and just clad and trash... it was my turn.
  6. Big Galveston Gold + Diamonds

    Yes... should have included that info. I'll update.
  7. Big Galveston Gold + Diamonds

    Yes... should have included that info. I'll update.
  8. Big Galveston Gold + Diamonds

    Found at one of the pocket beaches west of town using an AT Max and came in at mid-tone 55-58. 12.56 grams of 10K white gold with 10 1/10th carat diamonds (1 carat total weight). . I can't stop looking at it!
  9. FFA Student Silver Ring

    I found one just like it, all bent up. Yours is in great shape!
  10. Ed-D's 2016!

    :goldbar: Me likey the gold.
  11. Real Nice Vintage Fred Harvey Bracelet

    DirtDiggin... Love that one too! Believe it or not Etsy has a good collection of Fred Harvey jewelry. Here's the links to the bracelets. His stuff is very unique as it contained many Navajo symbols. If you are interested this is a good article.
  12. Ed-D's 2016!

    A little late in posting, but 2016 was a good year. It was hard to get out a lot this year compared to past years, but the ground still keeps giving up the treasure. The biggest disappointment this year was NO gold! But I came on a foreign silver spill, some nice old Mexican copper and I'll...
  13. Real Nice Vintage Fred Harvey Bracelet

    From yesterday's hunt. I've found a couple of these and every one is beautiful. Read a good article, and no hallmarks or "sterling" mark is an indication of pre-1932 Fred Harvey Navajo bracelets.
  14. Good Silver, But Dude Where's the Gold?!

    That's good info. Thanks! My plan of attack is just dig it, but eventually after 3+ hours I am wore out, and I focus on more reliable signals. But the lift the coil idea is a good addition.
  15. Good Silver, But Dude Where's the Gold?!

    You are right, especially digging pull tabs and can slaw to get gold. I get that, and do a pretty good job at digging it all. I primarily hunt lakes and I found more gold during the drought years when they were low; basically I was digging where people were once swimming. Still, I am hunting...