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  1. Fenn graveyard looter gets prison sentence

    Federal Law enforcements were days away from apprehending Fenn on at least fraud charges for killing those 4 dumb people. His goal was to kill hundreds and continue releasing clues as the body count increased.
  2. A great read on the Fenn treasure saga

    Unbelievably this psychopath got away with killing four really stupid people scott free.
  3. When you die ‘you know you’re dead because your brain keeps working’, scientist claim

    Thats exactly what I tell people when they ask me why I havn't been married.
  4. Deleting my social media presence

    when treasurenet has been substituted for your entire prior social media presence.............
  5. Swingin' in the rain

    Dude you are brilliant. That should be the metal detectors moto. Swinging in the rain......!! Swinging in the rain Just swinging in the rain I have a good feeling about searching this lane. I've been out all night I'm feeling all right I'll havn't made banner I'm only half white...
  6. Costco San Diego wants $5.99 for three tomatoes

    Well, the thing is, it's not my price, it's Costco's price. Three months ago they were .99 cents a pound. I'm not gonna grow tomatoes. I have a lot of stuff going on. Im basicallyr retired and I still have a lot of stuff going on.
  7. Costco San Diego wants $5.99 for three tomatoes

    The vast majority of Americans are not going to grow anything. 95% won't. Until recently it was just to easy to go to walmart to get whatever you want any time you want it along with an extra I phone cable. There is a lot ofi invisible infrastucture that goes into making all that possible.
  8. Costco San Diego wants $5.99 for three tomatoes

    Actually the ones I buy are called Romas. Thay are everywhere and are relatively cheap. They are the size of a large plum and my understanding is they are grown in trays filled with water and fertilizer in the complete absense of soil.
  9. Costco San Diego wants $5.99 for three tomatoes

    I didn't know tomato plants get that tall. It's hard to do everything. I have quite a lot of acreage in east county San Diego. I put in a small manufactured home and I planted about 200 pine trees so far. Christmas trees are not that popular anymore, but it allows me to call myself a...
  10. Costco San Diego wants $5.99 for three tomatoes

    These were not the size of pumpkins, but they were really big beautiful tomatoes. These were the Audrey Hepburn or Raquel Welch in their prime kind of tomatoes. That said, they were also the most expensive tomatoes I've ever contemplated buying in my life. I'm sure Rachel Welch wasn't cheep to...
  11. Costco San Diego wants $5.99 for three tomatoes

    I am not a snob, but the reason I shop at Costco is to restore my faith in humanity. Most of the inventory is a little bit of a higher quality then the average store, and they have a good selection of high some higher end specialty items The service center is excellent and you can return a...
  12. Costco San Diego wants $5.99 for three tomatoes

    I'm still in the parking lot of a Costco, in San Diego. They want 5.99 for three tomatoes and there were about 25 packages total in the whole store. A generation stands between me and the folks that were happily picking these things two months ago before the entire crop rotted in place. I'm...
  13. Countries that do not allow detectors at all.

    Greece is really wierd about it Basically anywhere at all you dig in the vicinity of Athens, Its suburbs, or many of the inhabited islands you will shortly thereafter find proof of ancient civilization. Most or all of Athens subway stations are plexiglass walled museums that cut through...
  14. Long Island Gold Coast Detector Finds plus History

    In the late 1970's a fifth grade teacher at Boyle Rd Elementary School (Port Jefferson) named Mrs Hopkins (that's all I remember) still lived on her ancestor's ca. year 1645 beach home on Mt Sanai, Long Island. That's 6 or seven very complete generations.