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  1. Whats with all the negative waves, man!

    Just go on the wal mart website and look at what they sell on there now. I think your in for a surprise.
  2. Your Dream Detector

    Lite weight,Good discrimination, Runs on a single battery, Good warrenty,Good depth,Good choice of coils,Exelent customer service from the company. Manual ground balance and Threshold.Frequency shift,Easy to pinpoint with,Breaks down compact enough i can put it in a pack. OHH Wait i already...
  3. Vaquero tot lot question

    That was good reading and explains allot Thanks
  4. Vaquero tot lot question

    Do you have CFL light bulbs? And wireless internet? I have to turn all of my stuff off in my place to get a decent air test. It is just crazy.
  5. French Tesoros.

    Any one else like the looks of these?
  6. Vaquero tot lot question

    Who knows what is under those wood chips in the ground. I had a similar problem With my Bandido II and it turned out to be EMI From my cell phone or others in the area. Those smart phones put out plenty of power as do WI-FI. This may not be your case though it might be something under those...
  7. What metal detecting brands are 100% made in the USA?

    Nor is whites as some are saying. That is like saying ALL INTEL CHIPS ARE MADE HERE. People take this stuff like it is some kind of personal attack on them. I am 1000000000% percent sure that none are 100% made here. Most computer chips are made in places like Indonesia. I would suggest...
  8. What metal detecting brands are 100% made in the USA?

    Tesoro. Not just because of where they are made but they are a real mom and pop Company with 18 employees In (prescott Arizona.) Whites Because they are another company that supports there local economy with jobs in a small town.(Sweet home Oregon) And make a hi quality product. I like keeping...
  9. Silver uMax in the parks..whats your settings?

    Just below foil on the Silver and Cibola is what i use My Bandido just above nail and dig it all. This gets Ugly some times. But i love finding tiny tiny bits of stuff LOL
  10. Tesoro cleansweep coil ?

    The make the clean sweep in both 4 and 5 pin. 3x18 wide scan. Both
  11. Northwest Arkansas--Heavy Mineralized Soil?----Tesoro Tejon?

    So who told you that? Sounds like something my local shop would say to get me to buy a 1500$ Detector. I would ask on the Tesoro forum here so you can get a unbiased opinion.
  12. Jammin to my finds

    The thing with the Hat yes. Could be a interesting Relic. How are you liking the Compadre?
  13. A Dopey Question

    Even the Beaches here have flour gold. Extracting it is a challenge to say the least and require very much work. More than most want to do.
  14. Bug is officially my detector today!!

    Heck yes go diggin and let us know hoe the Vaq is.
  15. Jammin to my finds

    LOL your Funny, What was that thing that looked like a Head? Keep Diggin :icon_thumleft: