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  • nice new pictures homeslice, looking alot more healthy must be the new C300's anti-UV coated windshield. before my SUV got in an accident, I used to have the same kind of windshield, I'm saying it right here right now, if you lived your entire life in a new C300, you would not age a single day and you would live forever.
    Mkelly315.......it probably was not the same eminem, otherwise you'd of been in a hospital with a concussion caused by a chunked roll.
    Are you the same Eminem with the hit lyric: Walked into the bank with $500 in FIAT, I'm hungry for Halve rolls, an all Silver diet. Clogged the coin counting machine on purpose, F****** it up real bad, because that B****-A** teller kept giving me boxes of clad.
    It's been bad dawg 25 boxes of half dollas and nothin.. at least I am finding silver here and there from smaller denominations like nickels and dimes... how have you been!
    been cee are aching lately bro? skunk boxes so far this week dawg... hope next week is better, i am cutting down a bit in volume for a month or so, too many skunks lately.
    dude you can't quit CEE ARE ACHING! lol. that crap that Harris bank gave you, give em crap back! go back there are demand that you be allowed a fair dumping schedule every week!
    Hey man i love Eminem I know thats a bit odd for a old guy. I have a amp in my tuck and blast the hell out of it !!! Keep in touch!!
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