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  1. help with very odd 2017-P shield penny

    It couldn't be more obvious that this is pmd.
  2. I found this 1994 Washington Quarter is this an error coin

    Back-of-the-boat is correct. This coin was exposed to heat.
  3. Help with this quarter please???

    Sorry I'm late to the party. This is definitely damage. Like galenrog said, caught in machinery an either flattened or worn down.
  4. 1996 Penny(Are my eyes playing tricks on me?)

    You're correct, your eyes are deceiving you. Pareidola.
  5. Odd quarter

    Possibly caught under the edge of something spinning, like in a dryer drum. Definitely not missing a step of the minting process. It's damage.

    Sorry, but even with the bad picture it appears to be md, called mechanical doubling. It is the worthless kind.
  7. California ban on small gasoline engines

    They won't get worse. Not because of the US anyway. The majority of the smog that's in LA every day isn't produced in LA. It's produced in China and drifts eastward. We're actually going into an ice age. Nome just had their worst winter in a hundred years.
  8. Publix

    I would call that significant!
  9. Back in the saddle

    Wow! Great to see alot of the old gang! I read the forum almost every day, but sadly there aren't near as many posts as there used to be.
  10. 3 Mercs to go

    Do not buy the 16D raw! This coin is heavily counterfeited. I was once told that 4X as many people have them in their collection as actual coins were produced. I was lucky enough to have found one in circulation years ago! That will never happen again!
  11. Proofs, clad, and a W mint (and its not a quarter)

    A proof coin that's no longer in the condition it left the mint. It has circulated and gotten scratches.
  12. North Carolina Nugget Hunters/Snipers?

    Where at in NC? You can pan in Uwharrie, but no detectors allowed. Other than that you have either pay to play or get permission on private property. I'm President of the Statesville Chapter of the GPAA, so if close we have outings every month.
  13. Error Quarter?

    No. It's simply a missing clad layer. The missing layer caused not enough thickness to add the letters. Not a cud.
  14. Dug nickel with raised lines. Any ideas?

    I'm thinking possibly corrosion due to the environment, possibly fertilizer.
  15. Plastic roll of quarters with gold tone.

    Just toning. Also, they didn't come from the mint like that. Courier company wrapped them.